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As put forward by the restaurant itself, Krasota is a union of “visual arts, haute cuisine, and cutting-edge technology” providing a mesmerizing experience, unlike any other and we are absolutely enthralled by this newest venture of the White Rabbit Family, a group known for luxury dining and Michelin-star restaurants. Expect nothing but the best.


The timings at Krasota are matinee at 3 pm, first soirée at 6 pm, and second soirée at 9 pm. Reservations can be made here. Visit their website.

The interior designer, Natalia Belonogova, has done an equally splendid job. The themed interiors, long walls, draped curtains, and innovative designs like a 3D projection of the moon and textured floors add to the whole immersive feel. The round-table structure for the two shows accommodates 20 people and is best for private occasions while, the restaurant also has a common dining area, built along similar lines to the shows.

Their standout dishes like Black Cod, dates syrup, plum and fig, Artichoke curry, or Peach Sashimi will thrill you beyond words and provide a tantalizing experience. Truly defining a new standard for fine dining, Krasota has taken simple yet flavorful ingredients with decadent textures and created a harmonious balance of extravagance and authenticity. Not forgetting the stunning presentation; it’s literally art on a plate.

​​A sensory seduction at its best


- team luxe List

Taking art and exploration to a new-found magnitude, sure to encaptivate all human senses, Krasota is a vision of pure excellence elevating the fine dining experience. Our exclusive chat with the restaurant’s Manager is an excellent insight into more details



Recently launched at The Address Downtown Hotel in Dubai, Krasota is an
immersive restaurant that blends the elements of video, audio, and light effects
to create a stunning theatrical projection of art and scenography while serving a
gastronomic delight through a full-course chef-curated meal. If that isn’t enough
to blow one’s mind, there’s more to it. The eight-course dishes at Krasota have
been aligned with the audiovisual show and represent the concepts and works
of the exhibited artists in a storytelling format. Each show and course has been
tailor-made to bring art to life in an interactive flow.

The artistic brilliance behind the visual show and installations is film director and
co-owner, Anton Nenashev, who has tactfully presented the multimedia performance through two shows, rightfully deserving all the appreciation. The inaugural show called ‘Imaginary Art’ presents the artworks of eight groundbreaking artists from the late 19th and early 20th centuries through technology, custom AI designs, and interactive themes. The entire dining room transforms into a theatre, unveiling the different paintings and their conceptsthrough a sensory experience, transporting one back in time.

The lavish eight-course set menu has been put together by the creative visionary and award-winning Chef Vladimir Mukhin to complement the ongoing visual art; every dish speaks a story that aligns well with and gives structure to the displayed show. The menu offers an amuse-bouche, eight courses for the respective eight acts, and two signature drinks, all adding up to Dhs 1830 per person.

Over the years, one has encountered numerous unique concepts like dining under the sea, in the open sky and being served meals in an active volcano to robots cooking your food and presentation of theatrical acts, in the fine dining space where innovation is ever-occurring. The concept of an immersive restaurant is not a novel idea; plenty of them like Sublimotion in Ibiza, Ultraviolet in Shanghai, and Alchemist in Copenhagen have been established before. However, the team at White Rabbit Family has certainly slayed it up a notch with Krasota.

Screenshot 2023-09-20 162053.png

Krasota – an artistic culinary escape

Screenshot 2023-09-21 110507.png

The second audiovisual show, ‘Imaginary Future,’ is a 3D presentation of human development through eight stages, combining the process of evolution and forecasting the future turning into a digital matrix. This hypnotic adventure promises to be highly informative, leaving one spellbound.


The art of fine food

The team at WRF wanted to emphasize storytelling through visual fine arts and technology, almost hypnotizing an individual in an engaging gastronomic scene. Bringing the ‘Medici effect’ to life, every team member, be it the design masterminds, the chefs, the expert team of waiters, or the musicians, all of them have displayed their skills interestingly. If the food or the show is not enough to entice you, their outstanding service definitely will.

Design & Concept

Screenshot 2023-09-21 160203.png

1. What inspired the team at WRF to come up with Krasota and the idea of combining culinary arts and visual arts engagingly?

The inception of this project involved an extensive conceptualization phase, although the actual development phase was relatively swift, considering the complexity and technological underpinning of the format. Initially conceived as a mere idea by Anton Nenashev, a digital content expert, and Boris Zarkov, the visionary restaurateur behind numerous successful restaurant concepts, the primary objective was to elevate the conventional fine dining experience and redefine the concept of immersive dining, taking into account the existing landscape. The result is a venue where guests can authentically immerse themselves in the world of artworks, where both culinary offerings and immersive content serve as portals to perception.


Our team firmly believes that fine dining extends far beyond the act of consumption and possesses untapped potential. We have forged our path to engage with a new breed of consumers who view gastronomy as a means of selfdevelopment, evolving into hedonists of sorts.

LuxeList x Krasota interview

In our exclusive interview with the restaurant’s Manager, we got to know so much more on many fronts…

2. How has Chef Vladimir Mukhin aligned the curated dishes with the immersive art show?

Gastronomy, as Chef Vladimir long believed, embodies an ephemeral yet edible form of art, whose impact resides primarily in the memory it leaves behind.


Our chef embarked on a personal creative journey to craft each dish as a recreation of the unique paintings portrayed by the artists featured in the ‘Imaginary Art’ show. The key to success lies in his genuine love for art and his sensitive observation skills. The process entails not just immersing oneself in the world of art to capture and translate its intricate nuances but also reinterpreting them for and from all sense spectrum. His latest research in the field of synesthesia languages applied to food has been critical in achieving an immersive experience menu. It’s a meticulous balance of culinary skill, appreciation for the artistic inspiration at the heart, and sensory science knowledge run with bold creativity.

Contact us at for a personalized itinerary for Dubai. We’d be happy to assist! 

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Chef Vladimir Mukhin at Krasota

3. What can we expect in detail to be displayed in the upcoming ’Imaginary Future’ show at Krasota?

Our primary objective is to broaden the horizons of our guests. In our upcoming show, which explores the future of humankind, we aim to explore potential future scenarios. These scenarios encompass humanity's ventures into space, transformations in production methods, coexistence with robots, and the ever-evolving world of technology. We intend to delve into how human identity remains intact amidst these transformative forces, sparking contemplation and imagination about the potential paths ahead. Indeed, we are tremendously excited about this launch, considering the nearly year-long journey and the extensive efforts of our dedicated team to meticulously package and enhance the experience for our esteemed guests, making it even more captivating.

4. Are the ingredients and dishes on the menu native to the region?

Introducing locally sourced ingredients has been a significant and thought-provoking journey for our team, rooted in a deep sense of curiosity and responsibility to honor the land that hosts us. In our commitment, we've fostered connections with local farmers. and actively sought out local ingredients. We have built a conceptual game of sense with dates, considering them as the Bedouins - the ingredient for the bread of the dessert. We also elaborate on a non-alcoholic date distillate, embracing the Arabic culture philosophy in the uses of beverages. Traditional crispy Arabic bread is used by the chef to create a delicate Tartlet, that will be crowned with fresh green peas and the best caviar. Loomi scent is present and one of the chefs’ favorite discoveries visiting UAE markets, as well as Loz Akhdar - green almonds- and white desert truffle. This is just the beginning of our exploration into this enriching journey, as we continue exploring local traditions, ingredients, and techniques.

5. How long is the duration of the audiovisual art show?

The show's approximate duration spans around 2.5 hours, encapsulating the entire experience. It commences in an opulent pink room, where we extend a warm welcome to our guests and initiate their journey with a carefully curated selection of amuse-bouches. Like any theatrical performance, we believe that anticipation is a vital part of the experience, and we aim to immerse our guests in a dreamlike atmosphere right from the outset.


Following the welcoming segment, our guests will be escorted to the intimate projection room, designed for a maximum capacity of 20 guests, where the enchantment unfolds. Throughout the show, each guest will be accompanied by a dedicated waiter who will provide the storytelling, sharing insights about each artist, their unique style, intriguing details, and the connections to the culinary components of the experience.

6. What are some private event packages that you offer?

We offer classic packages with variations in specific time slots, but we are also open to accommodating various custom inquiries. Regardless of the package chosen, every guest can expect to receive exceptional service and meticulous attention to detail. Our track record encompasses a diverse range of events, from corporate gatherings and bridal showers to intricate corporate presentations for brands such as Farfetch, Sony, Pernod Ricard, etc., facilitated by our dedicated team capable of tailoring content, incorporating additional scenes, and offering a high degree of flexibility. We address specific requirements in each inquiry, spanning from floral arrangements and installations to comprehensive production services, etc.

7. What is upcoming for the WRF group in terms of new restaurants to look out for?

We have ambitious plans for Dubai, given its status as a global hub for the finest ingredients and receptiveness to new culinary experiences. Our upcoming restaurant, Sakhalin, situated along the shoreline in J1, will offer a distinct MeditterAsian cuisine. In addition, our flagship White Rabbit, which earned a Michelin star in 2022 and achieved the 13th position in the prestigious international list “The World's 50 Best Restaurants”, is also set to debut next year. These concepts represent the pinnacle of our hospitality, and we are committed to upholding the exceptional standards we've established over the past years of White Rabbit's existence.

Screenshot 2023-09-22 174801.png

Krasota is a culinary gem in the heart of Dubai, appealing both to the tourists and the locals and we’re excited to see how it positions itself in the dining scene of the city as well as, for newer ventures coming up in the gastronomic space.

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