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Maison Berluti
Maison Berluti
Maison Berluti
Maison Berluti

Getting comfortable in my oversized Andy Warhol-designed Uniqlo tee on a sweltering hot Mumbai afternoon–with warnings of a blistering heatwave–, the history of House of Berluti seems rather unionised. Sifting through the intriguing detail of their early days–a brand incepted in the mid-1890s–a striking fact about Andy Warhol, among others like The Duke of Windsor, Jean Cocteau, being their prudent customers almost settles in a feeling of association with the luxury brand–which, if one ought, to be honest, still seems like farfetched acclaim. 

Introducing Mae Cassidy, the female-led Sustainable British accessories brand celebrating traditional Indian craftsmanship. Designed by London-based founder, Georgina Mae, and beautifully realised by skilled artisans in India, Mae Cassidy’s beautifully bejewelled, attainable statement bags add an effortlessly cool twist to any outfit and ‘look just as good with jeans and a tee as they do on the red carpet.

Every aspect of the Mae Cassidy brand is designed to honour and celebrate India’s rich and colourful heritage; from each bag being named after iconic Bollywood starlet's, right down to the logo, which was inspired by vintage Indian signs and postage stamps.


Mae Cassidy

Extravagant destinations for your dream luxury wedding

There is nothing more beautiful in this world than the meeting of two souls, standing at the altar as they vow to be by each other's side come rain or shine. Weddings mark a significant moment in our lives, a new chapter, a new beginning. The place where these vows are made is just as important. Places carry history, and culture, and what better way to cement your special day than a luxury destination wedding. Follow us on a journey through some of the world's most elite and secluded destination wedding spots that will charm and delight everyone lucky enough to be on the guestlist.


Sneakers have gone from being worn for athletic excellence to growing into one of the most lucrative and sought-after fashion trends. How did simple athletic shoes with a clean and functional design go on to become a canvas for artists and creators like Virgil Abloh and Kanye West? Let’s look at the history of Sneaker Culture and see what the future holds for the booming market.

Kohelika Kohil’s reputation speaks for itself. She believes that the job of an architect/designer cannot be simply based on one’s credentials and academic qualifications. An equally important role is played by one’s experiences and exposures to people, places and cultures. Running K2 India with her mother Sunita Kohil (Padma Shri,1992) since 2010 the firm has found an indisputable place on the map of India’s top Interior Designers.

K2 India

A graduate of Pratt Institute of Design in New York, Kohelika started out as an intern at the prestigious architecture and design firm Oliver cope architects, within a year she was conceptualising and executing architecture and interior work.


Join us as she shares her insights on all things design and decor and her recommendations for all the things she loves right now

Designers corner WITH kohelika kohli

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Our Piece Of Heaven 

Brand in spotlight - Maison Berluti

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