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All you need to know about Navigating 

the Horizons of Luxury Yachting


- team luxe List

The show presents a glorious in-water presentation of massive yachts  and  superyachts, mainly. However,  what  is even more  interesting  is  that the display also features luxury automobiles, custom vehicles like  private  submarines,  electric  hyper-cars,  limousines,  etc.,  designer  furniture  for yachts and  tenders, and so much more. Alongside this,  the plethora of innovation and the latest technological know-how in  the superyacht sphere is presented in the form of information through  round table panels, discussions, and informal conversations. The event  is graced by highly esteemed industry experts and designers and their  resourceful knowledge backed by experience is a great takeaway for  all yacht aficionados attending  the event. It’s a  three-day show with  tons of activities, commencing with an invite-only opening event and  a  cocktail  party  to  mark  its  end; the MYS  is going  to  be  filled  with  adrenaline-pumping explorations. A few of them are:

1. The  Dockside  area  – It  exhibits the  superyachts  and  tenders,  including  the  year’s  most  awaited  launches offering  a  truly  immersive  yachting  experience. Another  interesting  avenue to  look  out  for  is the  adventure  area  housing  luxury  toys,  motorboats, and vehicles with cutting-edge technologies sure to  blow one’s mind.

Whether you’re a multiple yachts holder or a sailing enthusiast
planning to invest in your first yacht, or merely embarking on a trip to 
the French Riviera in September, this iconic event should be on your  list.


2. The  sailing  yacht  area  - Where  design,  invention,  craft,  and  meaningful  conversations  come  together surrounded  by  a  display of uber-luxury yachts docked on the harbor.

3. The Monaco  Yacht  Summit – An  informative  event  hosted for  formal  meetings  and  discussions  on  the  future  of  yachting,  maritime  topics, etc., attended by crew members and captains  exclusively.

4. The  upper  deck  lounge – The  place  to  be  at  for  viewing  the  artistry of luxury furniture brands, and a relaxation area featuring  a  well-equipped  restaurant,  a  lounge  bar,  and  an  exclusive  Sapphire lounge, for a selected gentry. The Sapphire experience  is an exceptional affair attended by and restricted to only special  members interested in a yacht project or notable individuals. It  is a tailor-made VIP program inclusive of all the luxury amenities  onboard as well as, a private tour of every nook and corner of  the event. 


Ever since its inception in 1991, the MYS has upheld the principles of  class  and  luxury,  all  of  which  are  ideals  of  the elite,  and  have  been  facilitated by His Highness, Prince Albert II of Monaco in every trade  show till now. It is now conducted by a British, events and publications  company, Informa, handling the affairs of the show from the beginning  till the end. 

Even  though  a  lot  has  significantly  changed  including  the  sizes  and  design structure of the exhibiting yachts, the nucleus of the event and  the  spirit  of  the  people  attending  it  worldwide  have remained  the  same. The sheer reflection of opulent structures and fine tastes have stood as a testament to the power of the yachting community around  the  world,  especially  in  Monaco,  where  this  very  passion  owns  a  strong-rooted history. 

With the globally coveted yacht trading show approaching soon, there’s massive excitement and anticipation surrounding it, given the fact that no other yachting event in the world comes even close to its grandeur. Held on the Port Hercule of Monaco, where yacht aficionados, private owners, charters, and wealthy A-listers gather to celebrate the end of a glorious summer, in a luxurious, world-class event displaying 125+ superyachts, 50+ luxury tenders, and the works of over 600 exhibitors - the Monaco Yacht Show is the pioneer of excellence and class in the world of yachting.


The 2022 MYS had a unique theme called ‘seduction’, combining the  notions of education and seduction to enlighten the audience about  the art of yachting, owning a private charter yacht, and the charm that  follows. This time,  the central  theme is going  to  revolve around  the  area  of  sustainability  supported  by  public  foundations  working  towards  the  environment.  The  ideas  of  bringing  out  eco-conscious  solutions in the technical and structural assembling of the mega & and  super yachts, allowing only selected exhibitors with eligibility criteria, and talks with sustainable yachting experts have been organized in the  event for a better and responsible future of the yachting community.


An  outstanding  event,  known  globally  for  being  the  cornerstone  of  luxury and innovation, requires one to present oneself with allure and  a captivating personal  tale among a crowd of wealthy socialites and  industry leaders.


With such a coveted group of people, the events at the show reek of opulence and exclusivity. Expect to be stunned by all the display exhibitions and indulge yourself in an array of specially curated programs like private gala dinners, cocktail parties, wellness treatments, and fun-filled gaming activities.


The Monaco Yacht Show will be held from Wednesday, 27th Sep 23’-Saturday, 30th Sep, 23’. If you still haven’t booked your tickets to this premium event, here’s your guide for the same. The Visitor pass ranges from €600 to €1020 and €1620, depending on the duration of your visit from one to three days respectively. And the Sapphire Experience pass which offers an unparalleled encounter and lavish services, is to be requested on the official website of MYS. For all Sapphire pass holders, a complimentary car service will be available at all destinations in Monaco.


While you’re on your trip to Monaco, it makes perfect sense to stay longer and explore the world-class monuments, picturesque locations, stunning lakeview hotels, and most importantly, the fine dining restaurants.

With all the sheer excellence that the Monaco Yacht Show is worldly renowned for, the saga of luxe must continue in your stay and the culinary discoveries you make.

Here is our curated list of ultra-chic hotels and restaurants situated alongside the French Riviera worth a visit.


Often referred to as the most important event in the yachting calendar, it is a collection of knowledge and crafted experiences that only come around once a year.

Our take is that it is nothing but perfection presented as a world-class event allowing opportunities to dive into the yachting ecosystem, network with skilled individuals, and explore fine artistry in an environment of celebration and collaboration. What better way for theelites to enjoy the final periphery of summer?!

The Monaco Yacht Show 2023 is approaching nearby and if you’re still on the lookout for creating the perfect itinerary for yourself or your guests, look no further.

We will curate a magical weekend for you in Monaco, helping you luxuriate at the stay of your dreams, whether you prefer a quiet retreat, a modern hotel, or a boutique stay. And our list of the hottest wine and dine spots will leave you feeling hearty and warm, prepared for another day of wonders brought in by the adventure that is the Monaco Yacht Show.

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Let us do all the work. Contact us at for a personalized itinerary for your Monaco trip.

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Put your best foot forward with a smart outfit portraying confidence  and style while remaining practical. A pair of tailored pants or shorts with a fun blouse or a flowy cotton dress would be the perfect choice  for women. For men, chinos paired with a smart shirt is an appropriate  choice but  for those wanting to stand apart  from the crowd, a good  blazer or a suit is a great option.  

The guest list at The Monaco Yacht Show is full of individuals of high  regard like private yacht owners, yachting experts, prospective clients  for  a  superyacht  project,  affluent  members  of  the  society,  and  important names in the nautical world. 

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