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Call of the wild 

Explore the great outdoors in comfort and style 

JULY 2022

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The constant barrage of noise and energy of a bustling city tends to wear down on one’s soul. Sometimes it can be difficult to picture yourself doing anything other than working week after week, the same old sky bearing down on you. Reconnect with nature as you embark on a journey through the majestic African savanna, a place untouched by time. Ride through the luscious greens, teeming with the proud and majestic creatures that roam the savanna in their natural glory and revel in the sound and beauty of the flora and fauna indigenous to this cradle of life as you watch the sunset from the comfort of your private tent. A luxury safari expedition offers you a chance to break free from the ridge structure of modern society and venture forth into the intricate tapestry of nature. Join us as we take a look at the very best the African continent has to offer.

and Beyond Bateleur Camp



andBeyond Bateleur is located in Kenya's famous Maasai Mara, and it's just one small piece of andBeyond's footprint. The conservation-led luxury travel company has properties across Africa, Asia, and South America. Its tagline is "leaving the world a better place," which comes down to three pillars of impact: people, land, and wildlife. It is also just below the breathtaking lookout where Out of Africa’s famous final scene was filmed, andBeyond Bateleur Camp has always carried an authentic air of beautiful sereneness. The safari camp is idyllically situated at the foot of the towering rock walls of the Oloololo Escarpment and on the edge of an ancient riverine forest overlooking the Mara plains. Guests can have an unsurpassed wildlife experience, explore the exclusive area on a game drive or on foot, and also can enjoy access to pristine outdoor dining locations. 


The andBeyond Bateleur Camp in the wildlife-rich Maasai Mara is set within a large grove of trees featuring tented and wildlife safari. The luxurious Bateleur tents, which all have a private butler, recreate the glamour and style of vintage Africa. Bateleur Camp safari tents are set in lush green vegetation, making for a private enclave for guests. Complete with its butler, each of the Luxury Tents reflects the glamour and style of Africa's bygone era of Kenya. It is here where guests experience a superior safari with wildlife adventures during the day blending in with romance under canvas at night. Each of the Masai Mara lodges features tented suites which are well-appointed to make for the most luxurious and unique African safari accommodation. In the mornings, guests can step out of their safari tent onto their private veranda and observe the bush around them come to life. Slip into a world of hardwood floors, polished silver and copper bathtubs juxtaposed against the romance of the open Mara plains, with their abundant herds of wildlife.


The camp offers a wide range of additional activities such as bush walks, hot air balloon safaris, community excursions, a well-equipped gym and wellness treatments in our massage hall. They also provide beautifully handcrafted artefacts, fine antiques, leather buttoned Chesterfield sofas, books, and crystal and candlelight to adorn the comfortable sitting and dining areas. Refreshing lap pools in each camp provide cool comfort in between captivating game drives. Delectable cuisine is served in a memorable setting beneath the stars and bush breakfasts and romantic sundowners offer an unforgettable African experience. Adventures at Bateleur Camp include twice-daily game drives, including spot-lit night drives. Bateleur Camp also offers an extensive gin bar, warthogs and monkeys scurrying across the grounds and an ideally situated deck with comfortable armchairs overlooking the African plains.

The essence of a hot air balloon safari

The hot air balloon flight lasts about an hour and is followed by champagne and a full English breakfast. Experience the beauty of the Masai Mara on a hot air balloon flight. Take off at dawn and float in whichever direction the morning winds take you. Your altitude may vary from treetop height or lower, which offers a unique perspective and great photographic opportunities, to 300 metres ( 1 000 feet), showcasing the vastness of the panorama. From time to time the pilot must put more heat into the balloon with the powerful whisper burners. In between these burns, there is silence apart from the natural sounds below.

Sweep your eyes across the panoramic plains and discover the fantastic features unfolding before you, with an abundance of gently undulating hills, sparkling rivers and verdant grasslands. Dotted in between this lush terrain you can spot the heads of gentle giraffes foraging from the top of leafy trees, slumbering elephants swaying in the cool breeze, graceful gazelles leaping through the vast expanse and pods of hippos splashing in the water. Probe further and you may see prowling predators stalking across the savanna.

As you sail above the reserve, you are privy to the daily rituals of the wild things in their natural habitat. It is a beautiful experience to witness the intricacies of the Mara ecosystem and the harmonious coexistence of the vibrant flora and fascinating fauna. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to appreciate the spectacular magnificence of wild Africa.

Location / How to reach

andBeyond Bateleur Camp is situated in the Kichwa Tembo private concession, which neighbours the Masai Mara. Meaning ‘head of the elephant’ in Swahili, Kichwa Tembo consists of private land leased from Maasai landlords and situated in the remote western Mara, almost exclusively explored by andBeyond guests. To reach the campsite: There are two flights scheduled in a day from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport to Kichwa Tembo’s private airstrip. Approximately it takes an hour to reach the airstrip and from there the route is followed by a 30-minute drive to the camp, with game viewing en route.

OneandOnly Gorilla's Nest Resort



Rwanda is a country that is always looking ahead fueled with positivity. From the nationwide ban on plastic bags to the regular Umuganda cleaning efforts and conservation programmes, Rwanda celebrates unparalleled pride in the natural world. Eye to eye with swaying eucalyptus trees, One&Only Gorilla’s Nest is the closest resort to Volcanoes National Park – a historic rainforest home to a diverse tapestry of wildlife, including over 340 mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, and 300 bird species. In and around the resort, there is an incredible topography of peaceful sleeping volcanoes that defy gravity, creating an awe-inspiring atmosphere and perfect setting for cyclists. Craftsmanship and motifs are provided throughout the design of the ultra-luxury One&Only Resort celebrating the best of what Mother Nature has to offer. Taking inspiration from the vast vegetation and wildlife of the surroundings, the resort’s aesthetic pays homage to the country, its traditions and all its natural beauty, while the architecture maximises the spectacular scenery and mountain vistas at every opportunity.


The One&Only Gorilla's Nest follows every adventurous thought through meandering garden paths. Whether soaking in the sparkling infinity pool, sampling seasonal menus or taking time to pause in the spa; the natural surroundings spark activity. They also provide samples of fresh seasonal cuisine from breakfast to dinner against the burning sunset landscape. One&Only makes you feel as if you are running in the woods, connected to the elements, in their fitness centre which offers state-of-the-art techno gym equipment. From nature trails to al fresco yoga on their meditation deck, relishes the chance for active adventure in a setting full of life. One&Only experts have curated the world’s most inspiring and innovative wellness treatments, delivered by our local specialists for a complete mind and body refresh. Found in only the most remarkable destinations, One&Only Spas experiences capture the essence of their stunning locations, offering holistic treatments and fresh perspectives for an all-over renewal.


One&Only Gorilla's Nest has a botanical hideaway which makes you feel inspired by the surrounding from the comfort of your chic sanctuary, framed by vast eucalyptus trees and atmospheric volcanic vistas. One&Only provides luxurious accommodations which include 2 magnificent view decking lodges and 3 grandeur suites which provide all the facilities and remuneration. Experience an undisturbed connection with the vast forest beyond, lounging in your luxurious king-sized bedroom, soundtracked by the soothing crackle of local wood in the fireplace. Watch the floor-to-ceiling glass disappear and let the scents and sounds of nature flow in. Follow them out to your secluded open-air viewing deck, enjoy an invigorating al fresco shower or spend precious time relaxing in your standalone bath with undisturbed private views. 

Wildlife Safari

Rwanda, in east-central Africa, is surrounded by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, and Burundi. Rwanda is superb for primates in general, including the fun-loving Sykes monkey, the Golden monkey and the boisterous chimpanzee in the Nyungwe Forest. Tucked in between the iconic safari destinations of Kenya and Tanzania, Rwanda offers guests some of the best primate trackings on the planet set against the backdrop of its endless green hills and soaring mountainsides. With over half of the world’s remaining mountain gorilla population, it’s no surprise that the majority of guests visit Rwanda to track and view their highly endangered cousins. Despite a turbulent past, Rwanda is a safe and friendly destination to the resilience of its people. For guests seeking a deeply enriching safari, Rwanda offers an experience that is difficult to find anywhere else.


Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Volcanoes national park is a stop centre for all Rwanda gorilla safaris sheltering the highest number of mountain gorillas in the Virunga Conservation area. The strategic location of the VNP roughly a 2-hour drive from Kigali international airport makes it the most accessible gorilla national park in the world. Besides gorillas, Volcanoes National park is a home to golden monkeys, a variety of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects among other creatures which together make a complete Rwanda safari package. Spanning a 160 sq km area in the northern part of Rwanda, Volcanoes national park is part of the great Virunga volcano conservation region spanning to cover Virunga National Park Congo and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Uganda. It was initially a small area around Karisimbi, Mikeno and Visoke volcanoes which was gazetted to protect the Mountain gorillas which were facing the threat of extinction as a result of poaching.

Location / How to reach

One&Only Gorilla's Nest is located in Kigali. Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda, approximately at the centre of the country. It sprawls across numerous hills, ridges and valleys, and has a vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene. One&Only Gorilla’s Nest is a 2 hours 50 minutes scenic drive in their luxurious SUV from Kigali international Airport, which is approximately 116 km.

Enjoying a scenic view drive is all we want, but there is one quickest and easiest way to reach the destination which is by air. One&Only's warm hosts will welcome guests at Kigali International Airport and the journey from the airport is only 25 minutes by helicopter. Through this not only can you reach early but also have an awesome experience from the top and look around the beauty of this place.Enjoying a scenic view drive is all we want, but there is one quickest and easiest way to reach the destination which is by air. One&Only's warm hosts will welcome guests at Kigali International Airport and the journey from the airport is only 25 minutes by helicopter. Through this not only can you reach early but also have an awesome experience from the top and look around the beauty of this place.


Mombo Okavango Delta Botswana



A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Okavango Delta in Botswana stretches over two million hectares of floodplains, where sinuous blue channels snake around thousands of palm-fringed islands, where the clear, lily-covered water is pure enough to drink. Located in the heart of Botswana's Okavango Delta, Mombo Camp is the flagship property of Wilderness Safaris. Mombo Camp is widely recognised as the finest safari camp in Africa with its incredible game concentrations and interactions as well as having a unique approach to luxury hospitality. Mombo is also renowned as "the Place of Plenty". The concept of Mombo Camp is to maintain the Mombo traditions and stretch back the history nearly 30 years, as well as to celebrate possibly one of the greatest conservation successes.


The nine large tented suites (including a family room) are elevated above the ground so that those views can be enjoyed from the veranda and pergola. Newly renovated, each tent has been built in the same place with a slight increase in size out towards the floodplain to facilitate a pool deck with a private plunge pool. The camp features recycled “twisting” balustrades, boardwalks that weave so as not to disturb the elephant pathways, and divine en-suite tents with private verandas. Mombo has a well-stocked bar too, in addition to a fire-pit for pre-dinner drinks. Inside, a sitting room, separate bedroom and bathroom, indoor and outdoor showers and a bathtub with copper and brass finishings all contribute to the Wilderness ideal of responsible luxury.

Moremi Game Reserve

The Moremi Game Reserve initially consisted mostly of the Mopane Tongue area, but in the 1970s the royal hunting grounds, known as Chief’s Island, were added.  The Moremi is home to the most endangered species of large mammals: the cheetah, white rhinoceros, black rhinoceros, African wild dog and lion. Over 500 bird species (from water birds to forest dwellers) and over 1.000 species of plants are also recognized in the Moremi. This ecosystem is amongst the richest in Africa. And thanks to effective protection, the flora and fauna are relatively undisturbed. A 100 years after explorer David Livingstone called this land ‘country full of rivers’, the environment and wildlife in the Moremi area were under threat. It is because of the bold, local Batawana people that this area was proclaimed Moremi Game Reserve in 1963, making Moremi the oldest and first protected reserve of the Okavango Delta. As a sign of gratitude, the reserve is named after Batawana tribe members, Chief Moremi III and his wife. Now, the Moremi Game Reserve is one of the most diverse reserves with surprises everywhere, even for the most seasoned Africa-travellers. The Okavango Delta is also the ultimate destination for birding in Botswana. Best visited after the rains, around October, enthusiasts may seek the slaty egret, wattled crane and lesser jacana. Herons and Larks are two well-represented bird families found in Botswana. Although it has no endemic bird species, birders in Botswana will often seek out several specialities of note including groups of southern pied-babblers, Hartlaub's babblers, swamp boubou, brown fire finch, and melodious larks.


The Wilderness Safari at Mombo Camp is thrilling with various activities, i.e there is a 4Cs Centre, which is an interactive experience where you can learn about Wilderness Safaris’ sustainable operations by committing to the four dimensions of Commerce, Conservation, Community and Culture. Are you a fan of adventure? If yes, Mombo camp got the best of them in the business. Helicopter Ride is great for photography enthusiasts and thrill seekers, gazing around the Moremi game reserve and spotting the wild animals, rare species of birds, and the gigantic and mesmerising waterfalls while enjoying the scenic view.

The spa treatment room at Mombo Camp is a relaxing retreat for guests wishing to enjoy a range of signature treatments, including Mombo’s Soul of Africa massage, which uses marula oil mixed with Floral Blend (a product comprising Cape snowbrush, geranium and jasmine) to soften signs of ageing through its anti-stress action. There is a thrilling new gym which features new equipment including a sitting bike, two treadmills, a rowing machine, Pilates balls, kettlebells, etc. Yoga sessions are offered at Mombo Camp which is mostly conducted at the gym/spa area, they can also be held in a variety of bush locations. There are no extra costs involved; this is simply an addition to the incredible wellness offering at the camp.

Location/ How to reach

Mombo Camp is an extension of Chief's Island in Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta region of Botswana. Situated deep within the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana, beneath giant trees and amidst lush jewels of nature, you will find Mombo Camp. The Maun International Airport (MUB).is closest to the Moremi Game Reserve which is approximately 160 kms by road. There is also an alternative option by air which is through airstrip which takes around an hour to reach to Moremi Game Reserve and from there onwards the staff of the lodge will be providing the hospitality to the property and the welcome drink will be served.

Mahali Mzuri



Mahali Mzuri, meaning “beautiful place” in Swahili, is Sir Richard Branson’s Kenyan Safari Camp located in the world-famous Maasai Mara ecosystem and right in the path of the annual Great Migration. Mahali Mzuri sits within the Olare Motorogi Conservancy which covers an area of 13,500 hectares of the bush to explore along with the neighbouring Olare Orok Conservancy. Against the backdrop of a valley and sprawling plains as far as the eye can see, visitors to Mahali Mzuri can expect exciting game drives with experienced guides, delicious meals, a cosy and relaxing atmosphere and uniquely designed, spacious and luxurious tents.


Mahali Mzuri's tents are onto some of the world’s most spectacular scenery. Each of their 12 luxurious tents is designed to be your home away from home throughout your stay, with an en suite bathroom, inviting private deck and views you don’t want to miss. Mahali mzuri's 12 tented suites are super stylish and unlike any tents, you’ve ever experienced.

There are six tents on either side of the Main Tent, each accessible by a walkway, the furthest of which is approximately a five-minute walk from the Main Tent. Ten of the suites can be configured with either king or twin beds and two of the suites are four-poster king-size beds designed to accommodate up to two additional children on sofa beds in the living room. The tents also have a distinctive design adapted to the local climate and terrain and are perched on a ridge along the edge of the escarpment overlooking the valley.



Mahali mzuri has thrilling activities such as a snuggly lounge area with a fireplace, a library, iPads, iPod docking station, music systems, a TV/DVD and last but not least a 12-metre outdoor heated infinity pool where you can have a relaxing time and a refreshing dip. Mahali Mzuri is also filled to the brim with exciting wildlife sightings as well as romantic scenery and dramatic views. Wild animals roaming the Kenyan plains include wildebeest, elephants, zebra, lions, leopards, cheetah, giraffe, impala and gazelles, but that’s just for starters. The abundant animal life in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy is quite simply jaw-dropping, and there is no need to go too far to see some unforgettable sights. All the gratification that only nature can provide is at your doorstep and you’ll be in the hands of their experienced Field Guides with a front-row seat on your safari tour. After having a long day at the safari and doing the activities 'Nasaro' is much needed. Nasaro refers to 'relaxation' or 'spa room' in Maa (The local language of Maasai). Nasaro is located down near the valley floor and provides a private and intimate service and pampering. They use a wide range of products from Africology ethical skin care products to capture the rejuvenating and healing essences of Africa.

Location/ How to reach

Mahali Mzuri is located within the Olare Motorogi Conservancy to the north of Kenya's famous Maasai Mara National Reserve at an elevation of 1700m above sea level. To reach the campsite there are two flights scheduled in a day from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport to Kichwa Tembo’s private airstrip. It takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the camp, with game viewing en route. The camp is perched on the side of a lush valley with views over the rolling plains. Together the Motorogi and Olare Orok Conservancies cover roughly 13,500 hectares (33,000 acres) and there are strict limits on the number of guests that can stay at any one time. The camp is well placed to observe the abundant game in the area and also to take advantage of the annual 'Great Migration', which sees up to one million wildebeest undertake a journey of approximately 1,600km. 

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