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luxe openings:
Finch, brixton


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Days in Brixton are slow and mostly full of effusive labor with residents gearing up to break the monotony in the later hours. The nights, then, become a tale in themselves; filled with a jovial atmosphere, people join hands together and turn the town into an absolute rager! Their eclectic mix of art and cultural displays, great nightlife, and tons of leisure activities draw in people from all over the world to step into this hot and happening arena. What’s more, is that Brixton also embraces its rich history through its historical monuments and sights.

Think of a bohemian realm complemented by a French undertone of sophistication and chic. A wine bar, Finch, opening in Brixton is precisely all that and more.


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Here, people connect deeply over different art forms and are extremely passionate about food. The philosophy is simple; to seek pleasure even from the minuscule things that life offers and consider self-expression to be their only driving force behind living. 

Culminating their ideologies into a similar fashion and thriving on luxury, a French wine-focused experience company, Grays & Feather is opening doors to their newly constructed French wine bar called Finch, in Brixton. This place will not only be offering a true French experience but will also be housing wines and bubbles from the rest of the world. Their menu will feature a selection of globally renowned drinks, and wines from small winemakers, custom-tailored to suit all palates.

There is also no need to be disheartened if you’re not a wine lover because their experimental cocktail menu ranging from a classic G&T or a Negroni to Brixton-inspired mixes and everything in between will astonish you. One must also not miss out on the Feral beer, a Grays & Feather special. Talk about having it all!

The food spread at Finch is made to pair well with the drinks. Dishes like Artichoke Pesto Burrata, Duck and Cognac mousse paté with pickles and sourdough, curated cheese boards, fresh oysters, etc. are some of the few that are sure to impress all. One can also opt for snacks and end their light meal on a sweet note with classic French desserts that are conceptualized uniquely to pair with the wines.


While the wine and dine choices have been made elaborative, the team at Grays & Feather has tried to achieve a balance in the space. The seating situation has been deliberately made to fit into a smaller area, providing an intimate feel with only 12 seats and an outside area seating 18 people. This concept has been adopted to allow ease of access, engage everyone in conversation with each other, and make them feel the warmth of a great time. 


Contact us for a personalized itinerary for London. The theme has also been synchronized to fit within the design of the setting. Inspired by the bird, Finch, the interior of the bar displays its feathers on the ceiling providing a surreal, beige look, almost giving it a huge open-air feel that contrasts with the addition of black and dark peach color in the design elements; the black-out curtains add to the cozy and intimate feel. 

Termed the ‘cabinet of curiosities,’ one can expect to be mesmerized by the overall theme and design at Finch that provides the perfect atmosphere to wind down after a long day, indulge in a symphony of flavors, and connect with others in a close-knit surrounding. 

Another appraisal-worthy feature is that Finch will also display the artworks of local artists and designers of Brixton in rotation, blending them well within the structural design. Their parent brand has supported the local communities through other ventures like Plume and Spirit Animal, and this is yet another amazing step in that direction. 


Also set to launch another wine bar called ‘Plegerine’ in London later this year, Grays & Feather has been an iconic name in the wine and brewing industry. Known for their quirky wine selections and age-old processes, they consider themselves to be storytellers carrying generational traditions forward with a unique mix. Their focus on building a worthwhile experience of drinking is something one should definitely invest in!

A visit to Brixton village is a must for all the free-spirits out there. The dynamic atmosphere in every nook and corner creates an unparalleled experience for visitors seeking a taste of London's creative spirit. The Brixton Murals, Electric Avenue, Brockwell Park are a few sights worth witnessing and the famous Caribbean food must be tried at the most iconic locations like RapChar and The Rum Kitchen.

Immerse yourself into the wonders of Brixton village while sipping the fine wines at Finch, all set to launch on the 18th of September with the locals awaiting this exciting launch with bated breath. Find more details here.

Contact us at for a personalized itinerary for London. We’d be happy to assist! 

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While London is a cosmopolitan, modern hub of innovation, holding an evolved history of rebellions breaking through to create their norms, Brixton embraces life the easy way. Home to several artists, proudly flaunting their creations through music, culture, entertainment, food, etc., and being one of London’s exceptional underground districts, it is an unmissable sight.

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