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Transformative treatments to undergo at the world's leading Medical & Wellness Spas


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Where age-old wellness rituals meet modern-day science in a bespoke fashion

With the evolution of science and medicine, a new wave of modern healing practices are personalized, centered around self-care, and incessantly effective. 

Welcome to a world of luxury health and well-being where leisure and healing blur into the tapestry of modern science and medicine providing utmost recovery and self-discovery. These sanctuaries are often built around nature and pristine landscapes, on a luxurious and tech-driven foundational structure, with world-class amenities and expert services. Read our curated list of holistic spas where health transcends the ordinary:


1. SHA Wellness
    Clinic, Spain


One of the most renowned wellness clinics in the world located right on the Mediterranean Sea, overlooking the bay of Altea offering breathtaking views, SHA Wellness has a simple philosophy - to add years to an individual’s life and then quality to their years. SHA’s anti-aging programs offer treatments like Ozone GAH Therapy and Human tecar sessions, which use specialized devices emitting radiofrequency waves to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. This treatment improves blood circulation levels and lymphatic drainage in the body. Also known for its Dermaesthetic treatments, the most sought-after of them is the Fenix Treatment which uses the most advanced technology to activate the production of collagen through micro-punctures, micro-needling, and re-modelling techniques for younger-looking and radiant skin.

For people looking to wear off from their stressful schedules or seeking recovery from traumatic experiences, SHA Wellness has incorporated a neuro-treatment under Dr. Bruno Ribeiro Do Couto, that sends varying light wavelengths to targeted areas of the brain in order to boost cellular energy, brain performance and manage pain. This treatment is ranked highly on the bill and must be availed only if genuinely required. 

Overall, SHA Wellness is a refreshing escape for all those looking to replenish and explore their full bodily potential.

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Website  |  Contact - E:  T: +34 966 811 199


2. Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland

A luxury medi-spa situated in the heart of Montreux, Switzerland, Clinique La Prairie is a one-stop destination for a holistic staycation whilst offering your body and mind the rest they deserve. Established on the principles of Medical care, Nutrition, Movement, and Well-being, this spa is a must-visit for individuals wanting to turn around their lives through proper guidance and programs. 

Their Premium Revitalisation program is a super-targeted approach to deeply regenerate the body’s key systems in a holistic manner. Priced at a whopping $45,000 and inclusive of all treatments, it is pure medical excellence with cutting-edge technology. Conducted for a total of 7 days and 6 nights, this exclusive program includes the creation of a powerful formula, CLP Cellular Genomic REV-FFS5, that comprises 5 vegan nutraceuticals to regenerate the immune & nervous system and adds to gut microbiota health while working in conjunction with CLP extract. This is the most powerful treatment at Clinique La Prairie which has been perfected over decades.

There is plenty more available for everyone at CLP. And their holistic vision is something that remains with you for a long, long time.

Website  |  Contact – E:    T: +41 21 989 34 07


3. Vivamayr, Austria

VIVAMAYR is a medical health resort and wellness center in Austria in a privileged location offering unparalleled views of the countryside, mountain sceneries, and a charming lake. Following the traditional findings of Dr. F. X. Mayr, VIVAMAYR positions nutrition and movement as the carriers of health by offering immunity-boosting programs along with specially designed meals at their restaurant. 

Their main focus is on The Mayr Method under which the program, Mayr Detox is carried out. This active detox treatment is one of the most availed and unique treatments that cleanses the gut, relaxes the metabolism levels of the body, and targets mobility therapy. Another noteworthy program is based on the concept of Anti-Inflammatory Skin, developed by world-class, German aesthetic doctor, Dr. Barbara Strum. The hero of this treatment is the targeted infusion of Portulaca Oleracea, a powerful anti-oxidant compound known to restore skin’s barrier.

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The best of technology, expertise, and nature, all come together at VIVAMAYR to design an enriching life for their patients. Visit their website for more details on their health programs.

Website  |  Contact – E:    T: +41 21 989 34 07


4. Palazzo Fiuggi,        Italy

Italians are long-known for their hospitality and this medical spa in Italy, located at a 50-min drive from Rome, stands as a testament to this. Exceptional services, classy interiors, and beautiful surroundings – Palazzo Fiuggi is the ultimate sanctuary for unwinding your senses and being spoiled to the core. Their programs are aimed at using the most advanced technologies like Plasma Light Therapy for skin rejuvenation, cellis to reduce cellulite and increase toning, and spa wave acoustic therapy which uses vibrations/binaural audio frequencies to induce deep relaxation. The focus is also on a naturopathic approach through Vibrahealing, an integrative treatment that uses binaural and monaural frequencies, guided meditation, and chromotherapy to revitalize the body’s flow of energy and mental state.

Every guest goes through an extravagant welcome ritual and then their personalized program that does not end there. After their stay, a follow-up schedule is organized to ensure they continue the habits and lifestyle formed at the retreat. 

Alongside their wellness treatments and spa, they also consider food as medicine and incorporate the ideals of slow living in the diet programs featuring natural, clean, and nutritious meals that stimulate cellular recovery. The Fiuggi water also plays a fundamental role in the journey to well-being since it is considered a unique mineral composition able to discard all toxins from our system. 

Palazzo Fiuggi promotes long-term well-being and their programs and services are curated to treat your concerns in a comprehensive manner.

Website  |  Contact No. – E:   T: +39 0775766811 

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5. Vilalara Longetivity Thalassa & Medical
Spa, Portugal

Enclosed amidst lush greenery and The North Atlantic Ocean in a secluded space, this spa aims to provide a balance between wellness, aging, and Thalasso. COOLSCULPTING (Cryolipolysis) is a non-invasive, fat-freezing and tone-reduction session that gets rid of localized fat; the fat cells become crystallized and die because of a controlled cooling method. This safer alternative to surgery is also FDA-approved and is one of their pricey treatments aimed at face reshaping. 

Their other unique body-reshaping and aesthetic programs include PDO Threads LIFT, Sculptra Bioestimulation, Cellu-Contour, Belkyra, Shiatsu, etc.; they treat health and well-being with a not-so-conventional mindset.

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At Vilalara, one can expect a regeneration of the mind and body while also taking part in leisure activities like hiking, wine tasting, coastal cruising, kayaking, and tennis. It’s a resort and medical spa, all-in-one.

Website  |  Contact – E:    T: +41 21 989 34 07

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