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Charter Flights

Commute to your dream destination in style with our private charter service. Enjoy the ease and comfort offered by private charter, separated from the stress of airport lines and baggage claim. Experience first-class service by a crew ready to answer your every need, and arrive at your destination refreshed and rejuvenated.

Charter Yacht

Enjoy the journey before the destination as you sail the high seas on a private yacht. Indulge yourself with excellent personal meals and choose from a collection of fine wines as you sail towards that pristine beach resort. Travel along the Italian coastline with the wind in your sails as you visit coves far from the reach of the summer tourist. Throw lavish parties that last into the dead of night with the help of our trained crew to make your event hassle-free.

Destination Wedding

Plan your perfect dream wedding with a little help from Luxelist Services as we give you access to locations and events open only to the most elite patrons. Choose from a list of royal castles and extravagant villas peppered around the globe or opt for something more quaint and secluded as we bring together the best designers and chefs to craft that perfect day. From a meeting of souls on the beaches of Greece to reliving the renaissance in Villas along the canals of Venice, we are at your service.


See the world in style with LuxeTravel, where we meticulously craft a travel plan that perfectly suits your taste and needs. Join us as you choose from a curated list of five-star hotels, top-notch cruise lines and high-end adventure travel outfits. Experienced travel advisors will give you the insight you need to craft the perfect memories for you and your loved ones. Gain VIP access to places across the globe, private tours of historical monuments after-hours with expert tour guides, skip the lines at crowd favourite museums and explore remote nature reserves with certified naturalists. Put your mind at ease as LuxeTravel takes care of all the logistics and guides you every step of the way.  

The Corporate package

Make Luxelist Services your one-stop destination for all your Corporate needs. Treat your most important clientele with the very best in entertainment and leisure with the help of Luxelist services. Save time and resources by using Luxelist Services to book restaurant reservations, plan corporate events, gain access to sports and concert tickets, or plan business holidays for your diligent employees.

Brand Outreach

Use Luxelist Services to push your luxury brand into the right hands as we help new up-and-coming brands break into the market by providing them with clients they can cater to. Our management and Marketing team will help cultivate an audience ready to utilise your provided services. 

Members Party

Meet and network with other members at our exclusive members' party. With a guest list made up of the top crush of Mumbai, get a chance to make connections and plant the seeds for future partnerships.

Luxury Training

Understanding and marketing luxury is about exceeding client expectations and creating customer delight. The luxury customer is more informed resulting in unique challenges for those delivering the service. We coach executives and frontline staff to understand the concepts of luxury and experience luxury. Our coaching modules are designed to explain the mindset, expectations, and motivational drivers of luxury customers to create a more sensitised approach to marketing products and services, thereby making the process of Luxury marketing more effective for the Executives and Staff. 

Luxury Property 

Gain access to financial trends and investment opportunities with an eye on exceptional and emerging destinations. Invest in residential and commercial real estate in prime locales around the globe, be it Townhouses in London, Villas in the french countryside, or Luxury apartments in Dubai. Cut through the red tape with the aid of our experienced brokers as they work with a team of reputed surveyors, tax experts, lawyers, structuring specialists and lenders that make LuxProperty your one-stop solution for your real estate needs. 

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