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Luxe Fly & Sail

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Charter Flights

Discover what is it like to fly at the comfort of your time and space, with amenities and services designed as per your desires and class. Cover miles and reach destinations worth-every-smile with our personalised charter services that make you say “let’s do it again!”

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Commute to your dream destination in style with our private charter service. Enjoy the ease and comfort offered by private charter, separated from the stress of airport lines and baggage claim. Experience first-class service by a crew ready to answer your every need, and arrive at your destination refreshed and rejuvenated.


Beyond Airports

Board your private jet without the fuss of standing in cues, and baggage acclaim while you fully let yourself submerge in the experience inclusive of personalised meals, access to the most exotic champagne and wine onboard and a conceirge to look after your every need - land at your destination feeling refreshed and energised with our Charter flight services that makes every trip worthwhile.                                                        

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OverSeas In Style

Travel VIP

Gain VIP access to places across the globe, private tours of historical monuments after-hours with expert tour guides, skip the lines at crowd favourite museums and explore remote nature reserves with certified naturalists. Put your mind at ease as LuxeTravel takes care of all the logistics and guides you every step of the way.  


Charter Yacht

Enjoy the journey before the destination as you sail the high seas on a private yacht. Indulge yourself with excellent personal meals and choose from a collection of fine wines as you sail towards that pristine beach resort.

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Private Perfection

Drift along the high-seas while you hop on top-notch cruise lines and enjoy specialised jet privileges that makes luxury travelling with ultimate discretion a sight to see. From transfers to and from your destination, high-end services on board, a personal concierge and freedom of getting to your destination of your choice - whether it’s the Mediterranean or Maldives, our private services will get you there instantly. Float in the middle of bliss with a private nautical experience surrounded by serene blue skies, sparkling hued seas, and notorious birds flying across the sky where you indulge in excellent customised meals, and collection of beverages that refresh the mind.

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Exclusive Water Activities

Make the most of private deck with an adventure of a lifetime as you dive and take in the surreal aquatic life, the peace of underwater and many such activites that makes for the high-for-life individual a total bliss.

Massage Treatments

Step into a space of elevated comfort and needs all met by a masseus, with knowledge about the mind, body and soul - indulge in wellness with the help of essential oils and techniques that are designed to achieve maximum satisfaction.

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Customisable Menus

Onboard the most culturally and design rich cruise, where 5-star chefs whip up the most sophisticated palette as per your preference, where your taste-buds meet a story that is enough to make you wander.

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Culture Tours & Deck

Wander in the islands, accompanied by our very own private guides as you welcome the culture embraced by many, and participate in their lifestyle with the help of authentic local dishes and discovery of the hidden gems.

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Breath-Taking Beaches

Take in the beauty of sands and the oceans alike when you arrive at the most exquisite beaches by the coastline - complimented with exotic cocktails and champagne to kick-start the journey to magnificent resorts and fine dining by the sea.

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Sun Deck Jacuzzi

Trail along salt-waters with an onboard jacuzzi, when hot meets cold for elevated sleep, muscle relaxation, reduced stress levels and more. It’s the ultimum way of living all at your deck for higher living the right way.

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On-Board Cinema

Browse, Entertain and Emerge into high-definition cinema, where action and romance come together and make it seem all real, at your very own cinema.

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 Royal Rides

Glide into one luxury to another with your arranged pick up from the port of your choosing. Travel to your destination royally and with elegance, as if you’ve stepped foot in the sun!

Discover new hidden bays, dive and explore the extraordinary. Throw lavish personal or corporate parties that last into the dead of night with the help of our trained crew to make your stay as luxurious as it can be.

Travel along the Italian coastline with the wind in your sails as you visit coves far from the reach of the summer tourist. Throw lavish parties that last into the dead of night with the help of our trained crew to make your event hassle-free.


Through Oceans

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Away With Luxury 

The Luxelist Approach

We are a research-driven brand that aims to curate and provide services and information to our most esteemed clients and customers, and help them make well-informed decisions that leads them to the elevated lifestyle and introduce them to new potential doors that could deem fit for their interests and tastes.

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