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Festive Bar Upgrades For A Better Celebration


- team luxe List

The right drinks bring the house together, but the right bar set just sets the expectations of a royal night much further. With the festivities just around the corner, there isn’t a better time than this to indulge and stock up on your favourite bar essentials to impress your guests and express yourself with your classic tastes of champagne, whiskey and wines. We had the chance to browse through Tata Cliq’s Luxury Bar sets, and here are our top recommendations, for the minimalist or for the one that likes it sparkly and extra.


First in history to recognise that the taste and aroma of the beverage were largely influenced due to the shape of its vessel. Recognised for its revolutionary designs that complement alcoholic beverages and other drinks. This brand has been known to be the home to the most intricate and jaw-dropping designs. We had our eyes set on these two, but our love grows fonder as we look for more in their designs. Decanters are designed to separate the sediment from the liquid, but Riedel does this by adding magnificence designs that are decorative and elegant with a lot of colour options too.

Vista Alegre:

Being famously world-renowned for its porcelain and crystal dining and bar wares. With each piece being handmade and painted in Portugal. Devouring each sip with these contemporary designs, these fine spirits of craftsmanship come through these chic decanters and drinking glasses that add a natural class to all your bar sets collection.


Choose from classic designs or contemporary looks, with Rogaska, all finely handcrafted of the finest crystals, made to please the most discerning eye. Browse through art in the form of glasses that pair well with champagnes and wines for the most elite tastes.


Bring in those festive nights or a celebratory day with these sets of champagne and wine glasses that come in a transparent crystal sheen that gives away a vintage vibe of the entire collection. Our favourite picks from the collection by far.



Not on the floor, but by the highest part of the frame, the bar or even the table. Clink your glasses with these uniquely designed and hued sets. Just like this grey champagne flute and red whisky set that is unlike any other and adds life to the bar and elegance to the drink of your choice.

With Tata cliq’s vast array of all things luxury, and with the festive time coming soon - these bar products are soon to shine in your house, or even make it the life of the party as you cheer with refreshing drinks that make it all perfect.

Luxe Life

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