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Make a stunning introduction with features alongside Luxelist, while we open doors for you, more opportunities and eyes look at you. Create the first bold impression in the minds of the readers and potential customers, as we bridge the gap between you and them with a story that makes them move towards you.

Exclusive Features

Brand outreach

Bring your brand in front of an audience that adds value and takes you to new heights, with our services, we help you identify potential collaborations, apt social media marketing strategy, invites into grandeur events and get you closer to reaching to the goal you aim for. Be it an on screen collab or an off screen live event, we at Luxelist help you attract the right publicity and buzz around the brand, through events, features, brand engagement and more.

Social Media Amplification

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Elevate your social presence with the social media, and conquer the game of the internet with Luxelist. Right from Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, to email marketing and even word of mouth for a stronger presence, with our team of content curators to help your brand reach new levels.

A 360° Avenue for Growth

Members Party

Meet and network with other members at our exclusive members' party. With a guest list made up of the top crush of Mumbai, get a chance to make connections and plant the seeds for future partnerships.

Luxury Training

Use Luxelist Services to push your luxury brand into the right hands as we help new up-and-coming brands break into the market by providing them with clients they can cater to. Our management and Marketing team will help cultivate an audience ready to utilise your provided services.

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Pave Your

Way With Luxury 

Understanding and marketing luxury is about exceeding client expectations and creating customer delight. The luxury customer is more informed resulting in unique challenges for those delivering the service. We coach executives and frontline staff to understand the concepts of luxury and experience luxury. Our coaching modules are designed to explain the mindset, expectations, and motivational drivers of luxury customers to create a more sensitised approach to marketing products and services, thereby making the process of Luxury marketing more effective for the Executives and Staff. 

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The Luxelist Approach

We are a research-driven brand that aims to curate and provide services and information to our most esteemed clients and customers, and help them make well-informed decisions that leads them to the elevated lifestyle and introduce them to new potential doors that could deem fit for their interests and tastes.

Luxelist Website  (900 × 628 px) (7).jpg
Luxelist Website  (900 × 628 px) (7).jpg
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